Mark Mazz

It’s a Pushcart Industry!

Will Eisner’s father is said to have explained early on to him that, “comics are a pushcart business” — understanding that his clientele are looking for the same product, everyday, on-time, and in the same location — like customers buying fruit on their way to work. Its an analogy that I think works even today!

As a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC, I’ve always walked between the worlds of words and pictures. Whether that be as an inker, illustrator, advertising and promotions art director, a newshound here at CCN, or juggling 2,800 images in 7 card sets at the same time…I’ve always been between these two worlds. Words and pictures.

I’m not a published novelist, but I have the utmost respect for them. Having engulfed myself in Edgar Alan Poe at the age of 12 will do that. I started to read comics later than most—at the age of 13—and it’s skewed my perspective differently than most comics readers. I only to realized years later that I’d read my first comic out of a box of Buster Brown shoes at McCrory’s department store when I was 5. So words and pictures have been with me for quite some time.

What I’ve always had a passion for is talking with these writers and artists about their experiences creating. That singular moment of clarity, the concept and the events leading up to them. Despite the media focus on comics culture these days very, very little attention is focused on the actual creators of these post-modern myths. Here at CCN, we’re working closely with these featured writers and artists, hoping for a crystal-clear connection to bring their shared experiences to you.

Join us on that adventure today!


Mark Mazz with illustrator and painter Chris Torres photo by Roderick Paulus

Mark Mazz with illustrator and painter Chris Torres
photo by Roderick Paulus